Our History

Methodism in Wind gap dates from the incorporation of the First Methodist Church on 3,1902. Before that time a group of Evangelicals erected a church in Wind Gap at the cost of $2500 in 1893. Because of some difference of opinions and the inability to pay bills, the United Evangelical Church decided to abandon the building in 1901. At about this time a small group of Methodists lead by Charles A Daniels desired for themselves and those who should follow a house of worship. It was their foresight that resulted in the formation of the present congregation. Permission was obtained to use the building for a limited time in order that the strength of the movement might prove itself in time. Since no Preacher was appointed, local preachers and clergy supplied the pulpit. These men often came on foot to preach in the enthusiastic manner of the day. The tentative understanding under which the was started almost resulted in its failure to continue. Negotiations were being made for the building but the prospects of closing a deal were not bright. The faithful band prayed, and God answered. On June 8, 1902 Walter L Moore was appointed as the pastor of the Belfast and Wind Gap Methodist Churches. With the establishment of service, the success of the venture was assured, and a ministry to Methodist families in the area, and the start of Methodism in Wind Gap.

On September 3, 1902 Charles A Daniels, Milton Hahn, James Kostenbader and Joseph Titus entered into an agreement to purchase the building. This brought an answer to prayer for a house of worship. The Original membership of the church consisted of nine members for the struggling church. The articles of incorporation were drawn up that day. Since then, the church has operated under its original charter with two exceptions: the word Episcopal was dropped from the name following the action of the General Conference in 1940 and, secondly the Methodist Church merged with the Evangelical United Brethren Church in 1968 to form the United Methodist Church. On May 1, 1903, the individuals holding the church deeded it over to the Methodist Episcopal Conference. On May 3, 1903 the Epworth League (later known as the Youth Fellowship) was formed to minister to young people. Today with our Association with Covenant United Methodist church Youth group meets there. On July 28, 1903, the Ladies Aid Society (later known as United Methodist Women) came into being and was an important and vital ministry until the 1970’s. Around 1905 Ed Shover was the first choir director and Grace (Albert) Harding was the substitute pianist. The church was well known for its revival meetings during the fall season. The revivals were led by traveling evangelist(s), who usually held the meetings nightly for three weeks. 

In 1915, the sanctuary was remodeled, and the entire church was given a facelift through interior and exterior painting for a total cost of $3500. In June 1926 the Hamilton Bible Class was formed after Rev. George Hamilton died while serving the church. 

The Wind Gap Boy Scout Troop was organized under the sponsorship of the First Methodist Church and the efforts of its pastor Rev. Smith in 1918. The church was nearly destroyed by a fire in 1923. During the re-furbishing the basement was remodeled and raised so it could be used for Sunday School classes and Meetings. In 1928 the first Sunday School Orchestra was started under the direction of Wills Harding. 

When the church had financial problems in the 1920's and 1930's the Ladies Aid Society and other members of the church were instrumental in keeping the Methodist movement alive in Wind Gap by making pasties and baking doughnuts to sell in the community in order to balance the budget of 947.00 a year. During that year the Belfast and Wind Gap churches together gave 390.00 to foreign and home missions. This represented about 20% of total church giving. 

Between 1943 and 1944 the church underwent a program of needed mechanical replacements. A new heating plant was installed after the boiler burst in 1943. In 1944, the Sanctuary was repainted. As well as new pews and lighting restored. During the 1940's the smell of roasted peanuts permeated the air around the Wind Gap Methodist church. A bag of salted peanuts cost $ 0.25 the income of the peanut sales was used to support the church budget.

In 1961 the parsonage was purchased for $10,500.

In the 1970's inside renovations to the church were completed with the partitioning of the back rooms and new carpeting and pews.

Our Pastors

1902- 1903 Walter L. Moore

1903-1904 Benten S. Swarts

1904-1905 John Nelson

1905-1906 Norman McVey

1906-1906 Norman Kays (April - June)

1906-1910 Walter B. Smith

1910-1911 R.D. Allot

1911-1912 Dallas DeHuze

1912-1916 Alfred M. Kuder

1916-1916 George W. Hamilton (March - June)

1916-1916 WM. J. Bawden (June-August)

1916-1920 Frank Mack

1920-1921 L.A. Dyer

1921-1923 W.A. Smith

1923-1925 N.L. Davidson

1925-1926 P. Wesley Bare

1926-1929  Seba H. Hamm

1929-1931Wm.J. Rodgers

1931-1932 W.A.H. Willams

1932-1934 Carl Hammerly

1934-1939 R.E. Meredith

1939-1942 E.G.W.Estlow

1942-1945 William Pahls

1945-1947 G.Wentermute

1947-1950 Lawrence Cooper

1950-1952 Wm. E. Fenstermaker

1952-1954 Thomas Bare

1954 -1958 Gerald H. Miller

1958-1960 Clarence Howell

1960-1961 Carl B. Simms

1961-1965 Roy Lewis

1965-1968 Richard Howarth

1968-1975 John T. Truitt

1975-1976 Charles N. Kindt

1976-1982 Thomas W, Hower

1982-1983 Michael Roney

1983 -1987 Nancy S. Curtis

1987-1988 Gary Jocabella

1988-1992 Barbara L. Hartman

1992-1998 James D. Anderman

1998- 2000 R. Dean Blimline (Til Nov.)

2000-2001 Jack Rule(Nov - February)

2001 - 2005 Sandra Nash

2005-2007 Susan Roehs

June 2007-June 2011 Deanie DiBendetto

Dec. 2012-July 2016 Bill Kuntz

Aug 2016-June 2017 Pstr Brundy

2017-Present John Vidal