Because You Matter Ministries


Where We Came From

 In the Spring of 2017, A Bible study was started on Thursday nights. Once Summer arrived, the Bible study moved outside and became a Hotdog Ministry. The purpose of this was to get the community involved and let them know that this church we love is still here and we still care. As Summer progressed, we started seeing the some of the same people coming week after week and started receiving food donations. Just hotdogs started having side dishes and desserts.  The Summer ended, and the Fall approached the days started getting shorter and the weather turned cold. The community we had created was either going to dissolve or evolve to something else. The decision was made to move it inside and start a weekly Thursday night meal. This came about because we realized how much this little thing we started mattered to the community and to us. It was at this point Because You Matter Ministries was born.  


Why This is So Important

 What started out as just a way to let people know "Hey We're Still Here" has grown to a regular showing of 40-100 people. These folks are of all different religions and all have different situations, but the one thing they have in common is each other.  What has happened here is truly a blessing for all who are involved with this ministry. It has become a community of Hope, Fellowship, Faith, and Understanding. A community of Love and Compassion.  It is no longer about the food, (well maybe a little about the food) but it is about the People, and truly serving each other as Christ would serve. But more than that it is about carrying each other’s burdens and giving each person that walks through that door a sense of belonging, a sense of community, and support. .

Come to the Table - Sidewalk Prophets

As we do this ministry week after week and day after day, It is a great joy in our lives to see all who come together, and a blessing to be able to do Gods work in such a meaningful way. Here at Because You Matter Ministries we have adopted this as our theme song, It hits home for us and our mission. Hope you enjoy.